Microsoft Teams Guide

Work in progress



  • Step 1 - Opening Teams

    • Step 1.1 - Signing in

  • Step 2A – Setting up a Meeting now 

  • Step 2B - Schedule a meeting

    • Step 2B.1 - Setting the event

  • Step 3 - Simple settings

    • Step 3.1 - Custom settings

  • Step 4 - Adding participants

    • Step 4.1 - Accepting participants









Step 1 – Opening Teams

Click the Windows button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen 


The start menu will appear, as seen below 

Type “Teams” (without the quotes), then click Microsoft Teams with your mouse. If Microsoft Teams is not shown as in the image below, please refer to this guide on how to install Microsoft Teams:  

(I haven't created this yet) 








Please allow for several seconds. Once opened you will be met with this page: 



If the page above is not shown, please click the Teams icon in your taskbar at the bottom of the page, shown below 


Step 1.1 - Signing in 

Back to the sign in page below, type in the email address that has a Microsoft Teams account linked to it. If you do not know what this is then please consult a colleague or your office, otherwise please call us on 020 8306 2002 and state your name and the school you are calling from 


After entering your email, please enter the password when prompted with the page below. If you have forgotten your password please call us on 020 8306 2002. 


Then click Sign in 








Click OK 



Please allow some time for the application to start. 









Step 2A – Setting up a Meeting now 

Close any prompts that appear over Microsoft Teams. 

If you want to quickly set up a meeting for right this moment, then click calendar on the left hand panel 



Then click Meet now, on the upper right hand side of the screen 






A new window will open to set up the meeting.  














Step 2B - Schedule a meeting

If you want to schedule a meeting, then click calendar in the left hand panel 


Then click New meeting in the top right hand part of the screen














The window below will appear.

Step 2B.1 - Setting the event

  • Add an appropriate title

  • In the Add required attendees field, type out the name or email address of the people you want to invite to the meeting

  • Then choose the date and time of the meeting

  • If this is a recurring meeting you can choose how often this meeting will take place

  • Finally, you can enter any details for the meeting


Once you are satisfied with the details, click Save in the upper right hand corner (this also may say Send instead of Save, proceed as normal).


Once you have clicked Save, you will see the event in your calendar, as well as the participants, like so


If you click the event you will have the option to Edit the event, Join or Message the participants

Click Join













Step 3 - Simple settings

In red I have highlighted the options for your meeting 


Meeting Test is where you can change the name of your meeting, so type in something appropriate. 

 The bottom panel down is where you can change your video and audio settings. If you would like to just go ahead with the meeting without changing any settings, click Join now, however Make sure at least the audio button is uncrossed before joining the meeting. 


If you would like to change your settings, continue to the next step, otherwise skip to Step 4






Step 3.1 - Custom settings

This is the simple video and mic options. If you would only like to join with your voice and no video, then you can click the video button (make sure it has a cross through it to show that video has been disabled). You can also do the same with the audio button.


For more in depth settings please click Custom Setup

A panel to your right will appear displaying various options.

Were only going to be focusing on the Speaker, Microphone and Camera options.







When clicking on the drop down arrow you may see one or many different options. 


If you only have one Speaker option then you’re all set, same goes for the Microphone and Camera options.




If you have more than one option then please follow the below:



Click the Windows button in the bottom left hand corner and type in “sound settings” (without the quotes), as seen below



 Click Sound settings



Make sure your Microsoft Teams  settings match the Output (Speaker) and Input (Microphone) settings.


If they do not match, go back to Microsoft Teams and change them to match your computer Sound Settings


(Please note this image is for example purposes, you need to match with YOUR computer sound settings)



Once you have matched your settings you may click the X button

and proceed with the meeting by clicking Join now









Step 4 - Adding participants

This is the Meeting window. As you have set up the meeting, you can add people


To the right, there is a panel where you can add participants 


To add a person, type in the area where it says Type a name, simply type in their name. If they are part of your Teams then they will show up, seen in the image below


(Blanked out for demonstration purposes)

Click the person you want to add to the meeting, this will then “call” them through Teams



If they have Teams open then they will receive the option to join in the meeting





If the participant is not part of your Teams then please click the Link icon 



This will copy the meeting link for you to paste and send to other people to join the meeting (to paste the link click Ctrl+V

















Step 4.1 - Accepting participants

Once someone has accepted your invitation you will see them as shown in the image

You will see them in the Waiting in lobby section, to allow them in to the meeting please click the green tick next to their name 


They will then appear like so in the meeting.

As long as they have set up their audio settings correctly you will be able to hear and see them and they will be able to hear and see you.